Character Bios


      Yes it's George! That green camel we all know and love! A little smug and self centered, George is as fun loving as any camel you're likely to meet. He loves doing his show, Puppet Stuff, with his friends Putz and ZIB. He is even planning a new episode as we speak, but it's top secret and he won't tell you. He likes candy and performing surgery. In fact, that's how he met Putz. In the surgery episode of Puppet Stuff, he preformed a lobotamy for our good freind Putz. He did it wrong, but he did it anyway. One last thing, George has a short temper with things you do he tells you NOT to do, so remeber to be on your best behavior when dealing with him, we learned that the hard way.


            Putz is very special to us all. you may know him as Putz the Dragon, Putz the Spastic Dragon, Putz the Frenchy Dragon, or even Putz the Spasticaly French Dragon. Most people know him as the Spasticaly French Dragon, though. The one thing no one knew about Putz was that he wasn't actually born in France. He is actually FRENCH CANADIAN. So yeah, he's french, but not the paris kind. He is also the holder of the "Most Accident Prone" award. He has had head trauma, his eye fell out in a freak battle axe/flamming hammer accident, ten stiches on his upper and lower lip, and his neck got cut open in what he likes to call a vampire incident. Don't fall for his cute accent, though. He is still a fire breathing menace, even if he DID lose his teeth in the great marshmallow war of 92 like he said he did...


             ZIB is a new arival from the planet Pluto, oh wait, Pluto isn't a planet anymore... well whatever you do, don't mention that around ZIB, he's sensitive to it. ZIB likes Goerge and Putz because he thinks that they look like aliens, too. "Who ever heard of a green camel, or a toothless dragon?" he says. Try not to scare him or make him jummpy. His head turns ALL THE WAY AROUND. Not to mention that he gets real onrey when he has to turn it back; the noises are nausiating. ZIB really is a fun loving guy, though. He like to play the maracas and, most of all, stdying our earth culture. "You earth creatures are so interesting! driving on the GROUND of all places! Ha! you all are making me do the laughing!"