George the camel lay in a box

Next to crayons and two dirty socks.

Sad as can be like a chopped apple tree

He cried moaned and whined, "boo-hee-hee-hee"


The very next day as he cried moaned and whined

To get out of the closet that poor puppet pined.

Then five minutes later he heard feet on the stairs,

And knew that his life was no longer impaired.


Taylor came in and took him out of that box,

Took him away from the crayons and socks,

To a school where the geeks frolic and play

And make animations all of the day.


George to Christian Taylor did introduce

Rejoicing was done with Huzzas and loud woots.

So george to Christian Taylor did lend

And six animations were made from beginning to end.


All were made with george our good friend,

One including Putz the Dragon whom Taylor had to mend.

After the movies were made in their class,

Taylor made an alien in one quick dash.


This alien friend has yet to acquire a name,

But as soon as he dose he'll be onward to fame.

So as we go to make animations some more,

Terrance, Christian, and Taylor are closing the door

To the quite little closet where George once lay in a box,

Next to crayons and two dirty socks.